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City of Medicine Hat

City of Medicine Hat Bylaws for Portable Signs

City of Medicine Hat

– Every sign is a Discretionary Use and requires a Development Permit, unless a specific provision of this Schedule states otherwise – such as election use, real estate, or advertising construction of new buildings

– No sign is allowed that in the opinion of a Development Authority may create a hazard to public safety or health.

-No sign may obstruct the line of sight of a pedestrian or the driver of a vehicle with respect to access to or egress from a road, Alley or driveway, or detract from the visibility or effectiveness of any Traffic Control Device.

– No sign shall obstruct ingress to or egress from a fire escape door, window or other required exit under the Alberta Building Code

– A Portable Sign is a Permitted Use in all Districts except the residential Districts and the Downtown Mixed Use District, and is a Discretionary Use in the Downtown Mixed Use District.


The sign regulations for the city of Lethbridge are stated under the zoning bylaw. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, you can view a copy of the bylaw here: Lethbridge Portable Sign Bylaws

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